Cardiff Castle – a whistle stop photo blog

Look up! Rob Khoo shows us around the beautiful interior of Cardiff Castle, the 2000 jewel in the heart of Cardiff. Rob Khoo is a bicycle obsessed chef and musician who lives in Canton. He has lived in Cardiff all his life and has no intention of moving away. See Rob Khoo’s photographs on Flickr ***… keep reading >>

Experience storytelling audio at St Fagans

St Fagans National Museum of Welsh History is one of the best days out you can have out around Cardiff. They’ve just launched a new app to help you make the most of your visit. We sent intrepid reporter and local boylesque star Ernie Sparkles along to try it out and report back to us…. keep reading >>

Rhithganfyddiad: the art and poetry project that maps Cardiff like never before

We spotted these gorgeous illustrations of Cardiff a few months back and decided to investigate who was behind them and their accompanying poetry: meet Efa Lois and Morgan Owen!  Gwelsom ni’r darluniadau hyfryd hyn hyn o Gaerdydd rhai misoedd yn ôl a phenderfynu ymchwilio i bwy oedd wedi’u creu yn ogystal â’r barddoniaeth sy’n cydfynd â hwy…. keep reading >>