Feast Fest is here!

Cardiff is slowly but surely becoming street food city, quite literally, and Feast Fest is one of our favourite ventures to be launched this year! Feast Fest is launching a colourful outdoor ‘feastival’ on Womanby Street, with five weekends of street food, farmers market, music, vintage clothing, vinyl sales, skate competitions, DJs, craft beers, art… keep reading >>

Fabulous Beyond – a new Cardiff podcast

Looking for something a bit different to listen to? We recommend a new Cardiff-based podcast from local boylesque star, Ernie Sparkles! Fabulous Beyond is a new fortnightly chat show podcast by Ernie Sparkles. Each episode features a different guest in conversation with Ernie as they discuss the concept of Fabulous and what the word means… keep reading >>

Staycations in Cardiff when you’re skint

Need some rest and relaxation, but can’t afford the gold dubloons it would cost you to spend a day in a spa? Fear not – Jenny Jones has put together this handy guide to Staycations in Cardiff – when you’re skint. She’ll be rounding up some of the best value options for pure indulgence on… keep reading >>

Cardiff cinemas long gone: Olympia / ABC

A few weeks ago, I came across some old pics of the Olympia (then the ABC) cinema at Andrews Buildings (today it’s where River Island is on Queen Street). I’ve got fond if sketchy memories of that cinema (most notably seeing The Jungle Book and Jurassic Park in there as a child), and had almost… keep reading >>

Little Guide to Cardiff 2017 – update

So, we thought you’d all be able to access the Little Guide to Cardiff that we stuck up on Scribd, but it seems that they want to make everyone pay to join it now … cheeky! So we’ve abandoned ship and stuck it up on Issuu instead. Inside you’ll find our guide to our favourite… keep reading >>

Big Love Festival 2017 – bank holiday shenanigans in glorious surroundings

We’ve got a special message for you, direct from Gladys, aka the Big Love Entertainment Co-ordinator … Hi-de-Hi Campers!  The smell of summer is in the air and it’s only 2 weeks until we welcome you back to Baskerville Hall. Now the warmer weather’s here, it looks like we’re going to sell out very soon,… keep reading >>

Cardiff Bay 10k … run Cardiff, run!

A photo essay of this year’s spring Cardiff Bay 10k. Well done to all you runners! All photos by photojournalist Kerry Elsworth. *** Sign up for the weekly We Are Cardiff newsletter Check out what’s going on with We Are Cardiff Press Like us on Facebook Squawk @ us on Twitter @wearecardiff Follow us on Instagram/WeAreCardiff

The Taff Trail – a Cardiff story, by Kerri Webster

What makes a city a home? That’s the question I’m asking myself today as I ride back to my flat. There’s an intermittent, gentle precipitation, rays of sunlight pierce through a cool breeze, reviving the senses. In mere minutes, I have shifted from a bustling city centre, to a garden oasis. The Taff Trail, it’s… keep reading >>

Save Womanby Street!

In case ya hadn’t heard, here’s the deal. The Gatekeeper has put in an application to convert some of the building to be Cardiff’s first Wetherspoons hotel. Unfortunately, it happens to be located right in the heart of the alternative musical heart of the city: Womanby Street, a place we’ve spent many hours stumbling around, weaving from… keep reading >>

Ernie Sparkles: circus, boylesque, and all that glitters

We spent some time this week shooting the breeze with hula hooper, performer, lover of glitter and number #1 boylesque performer in Rhiwbina, Ernie Sparkles. Cardiff born and bred, Ernie – aka Gareth Pahl – tells us about growing up in Cardiff, his love of performance and explores a little of the cultural offerings of the… keep reading >>